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Trained Contemporary Dancer


I am a versatile contemporary dancer, with experience in many different styles of dance and performance.

I enjoy technical dance; the satisfaction of being worked physically and pushing your body to its maximum, but I also love the subtleties in dance; the humour and emotion that can be shown through movement and the use of voice and text in performance. I have a curiosity for things out of the ordinary, for quirky performance styles and attention to detail. I like an integration of both demanding dance technique alongside strong performance elements. The fusion of skill and style, virtuosity and versatility, as well as exploring new ideas of theatre and performance are things that ignite my imagination. I am comfortable both speaking and singing on stage and taking on character roles. I have a keen interest in theatre and comedy, with on going experience performing stand up comedy in and around London. I enjoy being part of the creative process, aiding the realisation of a choreographer's ideas and also creating movement and performance material myself.

If you would like to contact me, please visit the contact page. For further information see pages on my Training and Performance History. You can also click here to download my Dance CV.